Welcome to Roaring Mouse! For over 20 years, we have helped children explore who they are through art-making and play. Our programs inspire children to find
joy in creativity, confidence in themselves, and compassion for others.
We host a variety of offerings for children in our colorful, light-filled studio including preschool, art classes, camps, birthday parties, and more!

Coming this fall!

Roaring Mouse is pleased to present a new palette of classes we are marking as ‘Screentime Alternative’.  Since we began sharing office space with Emily Cherkin, The Screentime Consultant, we have become aware of the difficulties families face regarding the use of devices and not knowing how much screentime is too much.  We realized our classes offer the perfect alternative.  Decades of research about child development confirms what we at Roaring Mouse already know: that getting messy and creative is the best way to grow healthy brains.  So what makes a class a ‘Screentime Alternative Class’?  In all of our classes, kids work with real materials, in a group, using their own ideas to create art, stories and imaginative play that foster awareness, self-expression and community building. To designate a class as a Screentime Alternative, we also considered the time of day, when it might be most tempting for grownups to hand over a device to keep kids occupied.  It is a slippery slope and one we have all stumbled down now and then. If you are ready to reduce the use of devices and are looking for ways to give your kids fun, engaging and meaningful alternatives to screentime use, look for the tag:  Screentime Alternative Class!

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