Links to our friends and supporters here at the Mouse!!!

Long time student, educator and inspiration, Ellie Cross. Artwork Works.



Talented musician and long time RMCAS supporter, Gary Stroutsos.



Home of Kaleidoscope and a huge inspiration to RMCAS, Creative Dance Center

A wonderful supportive resource for new parents, Community of Mindful Parents


A great explanation of creativity and full of fun activities! PBS, Elements of Creativity

An excellent assortment of art supplies and super helpful staff, Artist & Craftsman Supply



A community florist and a great neighbor, LaVassar Florists.


Our next door neighbor who provides conventional and alternative health care, Dr. Ralph Golan.



Toys that Teach, a locally owned toy store that specializes in innovative, thoughtfully designed toys that will encourage creativity, exploration and excitement in children of all ages.


Mark Saran Photography, a painter and photographer who most relishes the creative process.



Parent MapParent Map, a great publication helping to guide parents through the process of parenting.


Red TricycleRed Tricycle, helping parents find more ways to have fun with their kids!!



Ravenna BlogRavenna Blog, reporting on local news and events affecting the Ravenna neighborhood in Northeast Seattle, fostering community conversation, encouraging civic engagement, connecting with surrounding communities, and practicing community advocacy.

Seattle's ChildSeattle’s Child, a great resource for raising your family in the Seattle area.