Roaring Mouse offers consultations to parents, teachers and counselors on a case by case basis.  We specialize in social emotional learning, creativity, program and curriculum development, community building and strengthening communication skills.  In addition to working with schools and counselors, we help children and families navigate through some of the rocky times of growing up, facilitating creative solutions to obstacles that might seem overwhelming.  Our approach is less clinical than a traditional academic evaluation, and is not a substitute for counseling.  Through observations, creative art projects, or meetings, we endeavor to get a sense of your child as an individual, how he or she functions in his/her various environments, and how relationships are formed with peers and adults.  Ultimately, we strive to provide insights to both children and adults that will promote understanding, enhance communication and listening skills, and strengthen and define a child’s sense of self.

If you are interested in our Consulting Services, please contact us here.