The preschool programs at Roaring Mouse are designed to support young children develop a lifelong love of learning through a comprehensive and blend of the arts, social emotional learning, play and work. Find out more about Roaring Mouse Preschool programs

Classes for Young Children

Roaring Mouse has become known as Seattle’s premier early childhood art studio. We provide our students with an intriguing balance of play, art and social emotional learning, allowing a young child’s natural curiosity to lead to a profound love of creativity, community and an understanding of themselves as an artist…Find out more about our Classes for Young Children

After School Classes

Continuing in Roaring Mouse tradition, these classes offer older students the opportunity to realize their own creative sensibilities, while developing skills and techniques. Find out more about our After School Classes

Evenings & Weekends

Roaring Mouse offers an assortment of classes for kids of all ages on the weekends and in the evenings. These popular classes provide students with a continuing opportunity to get a good dose of creativity, fun and thought provoking ideas. Find out more about our Evening & Weekend classes

Camps & Workshops

Camps & Workshops are offered throughout the year at Roaring Mouse, including our Summer Palette Mini-Day Camps and our Holiday Gift Making Workshops. Find out more about our Camps & Workshops

Parties & Special Events

Roaring Mouse is a magical place for your child’s birthday. We will help you plan this special day with a custom designed project, tailored to your child’s ideas. We also are available for fundraisers, art showings and other special events. Find out more about Roaring Mouse Parties & Special Events