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During the fall at Roaring Mouse, we begin our school year programs. Preschool and Creative Arts classes begin mid-September, and after school, evening and weekend classes begin towards the end of September. Our fall quarter runs through November, and then we begin preparing for…


In the winter, we are busy as mice, preparing gifts for the Holiday Gift Making season. We have single day workshops and our after school classes, all specializing in hand crafted gifts to give to loved ones. Our Holiday Gift Making Session will be posted in October. Winter continues in January and February with more of our after school, evening, and weekend classes. Being creative is an effective way to way to keep warm!


Springtime at the studio means we plant seeds in our garden boxes in the front of the studio and watch them grow! Spring is a growing time, a time to see where we have been and where we will be going. Spring will lead us to another session of Open Studio and more Saturdays with Kids Night Out. It is the time of year when all the skills our students have been learning come together. Artwork blooms, ideas abound and our class communities are strong. And you can see it all in our art exhibits, graduations and end of the year performances!


Summer brings a very exciting season for Roaring Mouse. We like to stay active with our camps and classes. July and August mornings bring us bright and cheerful Creative Arts classes, 3 hours long in the summer! Our afternoons are filled with a colorful assortment of Summer Mini-Palette day camps. Evening classes round out the day for older students and adults. Our summer schedule comes out in April! Keep an eye out! Classes fill quickly!