Open Studio, Ages 4-8 (Thursdays)

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Open Studio, Ages 4-8 (Thursdays)

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Open Studio is a multi-media class where children explore and expand their creativity and skills while dabbling with new and exciting mediums. Students in this class learn about the art world through a range of projects, including painting, collage, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture. Each class includes time a to work independently during "Artist's Choice"* and time to work on a specific project designed by Allison to inspire the artists as they learn to use new tools and processes. They will be encouraged to work collaboratively and creative partnership with the teacher and fellow artists in a way that honors their curiosity and personal artistic process as they expand, explore, and develop their craft.

*Artist Choice is a favorite activity of many of the children who participate in classes at Roaring Mouse. Children have access to a variety of materials, many of them recycled, to create their own projects. Teachers find it fascinating to watch the children's approach to creating as it involves many skills outside the artistic range — critical thinking, science, and mathematical skills to name just a few. Teachers also encourage children to share their thinking process, which often inspires other children to incorporate those ideas into their projects as well. We often have very detailed and interesting conversations around the Artist Choice table. Students may play in the playroom during Artist's Choice.

Schedule: Thursdays, 4:30pm - 6:00pm
Feb 28 - Apr 4 (6 weeks) - $90
Cost: $90 (6-week session)
Drop-In Cost:


  • Drop-in option available if space allows.

  • Registration and reservations are required to attend. Reservations can be made up to a month in advance and, if space is available, up to 2pm the day you wish your child to attend.

  • Please be prepared to transport wet projects if only visiting for the day. A large flat box works best (for example, copy paper box lids, fruit flat boxes).