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The "Good Stuff" - Giving Quality Materials to Kids

Over fifteen years ago, I took my first job in a daycare center and knew immediately that I wanted to work with young children for the rest of my life. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing and I can’t imagine life any other way! I’ve had the opportunity to work in several different settings and in a Read more

Peeking Inside: A Day at Roaring Mouse Preschool

At Roaring Mouse Creative Arts Studio, teachers and students collaborate to create curriculum that is inventive, engaging, and centered around the children's interests. Through creative exploration, students follow their ideas into other forms of expression, and experiment with combining ideas in Read more

Over The Rainbow, Where Imaginations Fly

Our new morning preschool teacher, Keely, loves to work with the children to make music and act out stories.  One morning, I stopped by and caught the the kids as they acted out a favorite, The Rainbow Goblins by Ul de Rico.  Seeing the wonder on the kids faces as their imaginations and the story Read more

The Blue Wall

  Once there was a Blue Wall. Deep blue, solid and quiet, it was a perfect counterbalance to the bright colors and lighter walls around it. Not to mention the merriment it was witness to. But after time, the Blue Wall faded. It began to look worn out and a wee bit Read more

Another Year of Saying “Thanks!”

Every year, our preschool classes host a Harvest Celebration for the children's families. The children choose a story to act out, prepare props and costumes, practice, and learn about working together. This year’s story was Bear Says Thanks! The children also learn about hosting a Read more